Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer Colours Week: Blue

Today is the first full day of the school holidays and it's chucked it down most of the day. Grey has been the couleur du jour.  So it's nice to look at these pictures from the last few weeks!

 1. Miss Mouse's feet in the paddling-pool at my parents' house a few weeks ago.

 2. Forget-me-nots in my parents' garden.

3. A bumble-bee on a blue flower in my garden. No idea what the flower is, but there are more this year than last year and very pretty they are too. Nobody tell me that it's a terrifying triffid-like invasive weed, I have my fingers in my ears, lalala can't hear you..

4. Blue sky. Blue blue blue.

5. Knitted flower brooch made for Miss M's other teacher. I also did a dark purple one for the Boy's teacher but being dark purple it did not photograph well .

Actually the weather today hasn't been a problem - we haven't the thunder or torrential rain that other places have had, and the kids are pretty worn out after a hectic few weeks so a day just pottering around without having to rush anywhere has been, well, nice! The other day they signed up for Story Lab, this year's Summer Reading Challenge, so there have been noses in books, as well as dvds, computer games and other signs of poor parenting :-D. The biggest excitement was going to the café at the supermarket for lunch, and the kids loved that as it's been so long since we've done it.  

Next week I'll teach them to make pompoms, oh yes I will.


Mrs. Micawber said...

I keep begging my friends over the pond to send some of that rain our way, but no luck so far....

I like your unidentified blue flower, weed or no. (I like dandelions too.)

Enjoy your pottering time!

Peeriemoot said...

Thanks :-). My dad says the blue flower is Jacob's Ladder (polemonium caeruleum) and prefers to describe it as 'vigorous' rather than invasive :-D. The bees love it, which is good.