Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer Colours Week: Yellow

Do excuse me going overboard for yellow but it is a favourite of mine. Who can resist a yellow watering-can? Not me anyway.

Thank goodness for gift bags. Today I was sorting out 'teachers' presents' - Miss Mouse has two teachers, just to complicate things.  Love the spots!

And now, dum dum DUM, flowers from my garden!


 Calendula again

 And another. With raindrops.

And another. These may actually all be the same flower in fact but I'm so in love with the intense colour and notched petals that I don't care - I have sunshine in my garden and I'm loving it!

And finally, ranunculus of some kind in my teeny tiny pond.

Also today I have also knitted a flower - not yellow - as one of the teachers' presents (not sure of the apostrophe there).  Tomorrow I shall knit two more. It's a surprisingly soothing occupation. Oooh, I'm sleepy.

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