Monday, 25 June 2012

Winging it

My happy socks - sock one nearly finished. But as it's 6-ply and I've been following my normal knitting pattern it's a bit baggy about the toes. I don't mind it being a little looser and slouchy on the ankle but wide toes don't work. So I've been very brave and ventured off-piste. My last few socks have been a bit pointy of toe really so I decided to try more anatomical toes, just winging it to see what works. It hasn't really worked but I've learned from the process so it's no loss. I'm going to frog back to the instep decreases and decrease a bit further so it's snugger on the foot, then start the toe decreases for the outside of the foot earlier.

That's the theory. I'm not sure when I'm going to get the chance to put it into practice though. We're into end-of-term bedlam at the moment. We had the PTA fun day a couple of weeks ago:

 I was on duty on the cake stall. Mmm, scones..

Then it was the school show last week - two performances and I went to both because there were tickets spare for the second one and Miss Mouse had begged me to go again. There were quite a few Primary One mums in the audience for the same reason! No pictures because every last one turned out blurry.  My hand must have been shaking with emotion.. or laughter. There were moments of pure dead-pan genius I can tell you!

Miss Mouse was in a dance display for the fun day of another school yesterday:

It looked at one point as if the whole thing might be called off as the weather forecast looked iffy, but in the end it was quite sunny and there was only one rain shower just after the kids had finished dancing.

She's going to a friend's birthday party after school tomorrow, it's the end-of-term disco on Wednesday, and the holidays start at lunchtime on Thursday. There'll be knitting time in there somewhere won't there? I could do some now but I need to go and buy cat litter. Oh the exciting and glamorous life I lead!


andamento said...

Our schools finish up on Wed, hoping there'll still be some crochet time, need it to keep sane!

Peeriemoot said...

Oh I know! I'm torn between looking forward to it - no rushing in the morning, spending time with my charming children - and a feeling of quiet dread!