Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Baked goodness

The Boy and I spent a bit of time baking this afternoon - we'd been meaning to since Christmas Eve but with one thing and another hadn't got round to it. These are the 'cookies' that are really just shortbread (with cocoa powder in this case) decorated with smarties and those edible silver thingies. I know they have a name. There's nothing like baking with your offspring to make you feel like a super-mum (but only one child at a time - trying to do this with both of them leads to Squabbles and a Messy Kitchen. And Mama hitting the whisky).

On the Needles - among other things, a Dwarven Battle Bonnet for Mr Borg. I've attempted a line of 'rivets' but I'm not sure they'll be that obvious. It's a pleasant knit now that I've finally got going. Why can I never join in the round (on circs or dpns) without twisting though? It always takes me at least two tries, usually more. One of the great mysteries of life. My ability to do this is proportional to the level of irritation I feel on seeing the words 'taking care not to twist' in the pattern - state the bloody obvious why don't you?* It's probably karma.

The cats are enjoying my knitting as ever.

* I know - almost all patterns for things knit in the round say this, and I can see why, but it still bugs me :-D.

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