Friday, 29 January 2010

Vintage crochet

Early 1970s that is - this shawl/blanket was made by MrBorg's Gran when he was born.
By the time I knew her she couldn't knit or crochet any more due to stiff joints but in her time she made lovely stuff.
And this is vintage 2003! This blanket was a present from my aunt when my son was born, but the cats have appropriated it now.
And as for me, I'm still trying to get my head round crochet. I think my hook is possibly too big and/or my tension too tight - I'll keep practising and try with a finer yarn to see if that helps.


summerfete said...

Hi there

I use a 4mm crochet hook but started off with a 5mm.
I also dont hold the yarn exactly as they say to! What ever feels comfortable.

Looks like you understand the basics, soon it will all fall into place and then you will be an addict like me!

Have you tried you tube?
I found it excellent to actually watch some one do the stitches, but dont get mixed up with the usa/uk terms they are different!

Good luck, now wheres my hook?


Peeriemoot said...

Thanks Clare :-). I'll keep trying!