Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A boo, a huzzah, a ponder and a dilemma

But first a snowy heart from my daughter!

The boo is for my Ysolda Tiny Shoes which have Gone Wrong - I misread a line of the pattern and now they're completely squint, and I didn't even notice until nearly casting-off time (or in this case kitchenering time).

From looking at the Ravelry projects for this pattern it seems that I'm not the first - the comments are divided between 'oooh, so quick and easy!' and 'arrgh, I misread/misunderstood it and had to frog x times'. I love the reassurance I get from Ravelry that I'm not the only numpty, and also alternative explanations given by people who find the same bit tricky. Interesting that an explanation that is as clear as crystal to one person is as clear as mud to the next. At least it's such a tiny project that getting nearly to the end before discovering my mistake isn't such a big deal.

And now the huzzah! My daughter got this red (Asda) cardigan for her third birthday and it was gorgeous and practical.

Some time back the pocket began to unravel and I thought 'no problem, I'm a knitter, I can sort this' and put it on a pile of things to mend. Today - months later - I finally got round to sorting it out. It took, literally, two minutes. And the cardigan still fits her, even though she's four-and-an-all-important-half now, which is the reason I love cardigans on her, they stretch so much they last forever.

A ponder:

It turns out I have a baby cashmerino stash! Once I've done the Tiny Shoes what should I do with it? Ponder, ponder.. I love this part of the knitting process!

And the (not-at-all-serious) dilemma? Lol! Apparently The Lady (the magazine) are looking for St. Andrews alumni who married St. Andrews alumni for an article - I wonder why.. :-D. I wonder if I should contact them as we fall into that category? Our wedding was the antithesis of what that wedding will be - it took us ten years to get round to it, we had nine guests, my dress was bottle-green velvet, we didn't have any of the usual cobblers traditions (speeches, first dance etc). Hehe, maybe not..

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