Monday, 21 March 2011

The Odd Sock and Pimpernel Pugh

I started these socks for the Boy months ago, got distracted and with one thing and another Sock One was abandoned just as I reached the toe. The Boy reminded me the other day about this so this morning I did the toe-shaping and kitchenered the toe-seam. Actually the pattern calls for a three-needle cast-off but I wanted to practise Kitchener stitch having only done it once before and I reckoned the Boy would prefer a smoother toe anyway. I used the instructions on this site for Kitchener stitch and they were lovely and clear - the only problem was scrolling up and down 'cos I couldn't remember step one by the time I got to step four! Must practise..

Anyway, it looks quite nice - must crack on and get Sock Two done now. I'm hoping that if I blog it it'll get done!

And now for Pimpernel Pugh! I love Alice's Crochet With Raymond blog for the gorgeous colours, inspiring crochet, for Alice's vast enthusiasm, and because it reminds of my two years in New Zealand. Miss Mouse loves it for Raymond who she would like to think is Pimpernel Pugh from the Slinki Malinki books - well he's a Siamese cat in NZ, who else could he be! So just for Alice, a couple of pictures taken from one of Miss Mouse's Slinky Malinki books so you can check out the resemblance!

That house could do with some granny blankets and potholders don't you think?

Our own cats are less well-behaved than Raymond I think and are prone to pouncing on my knitting, stalking off with the ball of wool and so on. And the less said about a pair of Brittany needles I owned the better...

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