Friday, 11 March 2011

Something possessed me to go on a school trip

Yeah, and when I saw this morning's weather I was regretting volunteering. Because the trip was to Stirling Castle (holy deja vu Batman!) - you know, up on a nice exposed hill. But actually once we were there it was, well, not so bad. Chilly obviously but not snowy and mostly bright. Oh hang on, you don't want to hear me ramble about the weather, do you? Though it had quite an impact on the day as shivering seven-year-olds are not shy about making their feelings known! Anyway I took a few pictures in the chapel of the so-far completed tapestries - remember my ramble about these from my last Stirling Castle post?

A slightly closer shot:

School-children are really tiring aren't they? It was a good day though. Highlights were managing to find the spending money one boy had managed to chuck in the bin along with the leftovers from his lunch (rummaging through the bin-bag was not a highlight but he was so relieved to find it), and even better the surreal sight we saw from the bus on the way home - thousands upon thousands of beercans by the side of the road. We were heading back several hours after it happened so what we passed was the clean-up. I've (obviously) never seen so many cans of Stella.


Crochet with Raymond said...

Hello Ginny! Oh my goodness, yes a school trip would be tiring, but aren't those pictures gorgoeus!
I laughed out loud when I read your comment, and I called Raymond Pimpernal Pugh but he gave me a dirty look, KB said it was because I laughed afterwards and he thought I was laughing at him!
How cute is your 4 year old!
Have a lovely week XXXXX

Peeriemoot said...

Thanks for dropping by! Poor Raymond, getting laughed at :-D - cats do have such a sense of dignity don't they!