Wednesday, 16 March 2011


This is a bit weird.

I've been a bit ill the last few days - some kind of virus picked up on the school trip no doubt - and spent all of Sunday and Monday in bed, either sleeping or reading. I felt a bit queasy but not seriously sick, and every time I stood up everything spun (clockwise, if 12 is in front of my eyes and 6 is at the back of my head) so I took care not to stand up. And now I'm feeling less spinny but really tired. A short walk with the four-year-old this afternoon completely wiped me out.

There she goes!

But now my Beloved has come down with something. At lunchtime he was feeling queasy. Mid-afternoon he felt so ill he came home from work and promptly threw up. He did a bit of work on his laptop, then went to sleep. I put the kids to bed well over an hour ago now and apart from the four-year-old making a trip to the loo and informing me that in Spanish red is rojo and green is verde (hail Dora!), there's not been a peep from anyone since then. Even the cats are asleep.

So I'm in the weird position of spending the evening pottering around by myself. It's not unpleasant but it's weird. I've blogged uninterrupted. Twice now. I've folded all the laundry. I've made myself a cup of coffee. And now I'm going to catch up on all the blogs I read.

It's so quiet!


mother of purl said...

Get well soon, so many yucky bugs going round - that is such a beautiful picture! x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Hope you get better soon and all of the rest of the family. It is strange when you get time on your own isn't it, it feels odd.

Bueno to your son for his Espanol :-) We know a little Spanish and the kids love to practice when out in Spain.