Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Woohoo! Colour in the garden!

And on my feet - these are my cheapy mock crocs, paint-splattered and really too pink for me - I'm not a pink person - but very comfortable.

And my 99p bunch of flowers from the reduced stand at the supermarket!

And back into the garden for rosa glauca..

.. and dianthus.

It's been a wonderful, colourful, busy week, in which my daughter had her nursery 'graduation' - sounds so twee but actually a lovely little ceremony with the kids doing incredibly cute dance routines as well as getting their certificates.

Little Miss Mouse enjoyed the dancing so much I've had to find the tunes on Youtube for her to groove on down to in the living-room.

My parents were down for a short visit to see us and go to the graduation and they brought me this:

Can you guess what it is? I couldn't! It's bactrian camel hair (fur?) - the lighter brown is the softer undercoat. Isn't it brilliant? They have a friend who works at the Highland Wildlife Park and asked if they'd like some - they knew of course that I'd love some! I've had to put it out of reach of the cats just in case they think it's rabbit or something.

Bactrian camels are the ones with two humps - which always makes me think of Alastair Campbell. Pourquoi? Well when the Boy was Miss Mouse's age he was always singing 'Alice the Camel' only it always came out as 'Alice da Camel', so naturally I'd find myself singing 'Alastair Campbell has two humps, Alastair Campbell has two humps..' You'll see why I have a hard time taking politics seriously.


Penny said...

Hello Ginny,
Just been admiring your gardena dn your lovely wool! Nice to find your blog,
Penny (Planet Penny)

scarletti said...

Great story! My friend asked her child's pre-school teacher if she could borrow the book 'Harry Toad' only to find the teacher had been reading the 'Hairy Toe' but with an accent!!!

Peeriemoot said...

Thanks for dropping by Penny :-).

Scarletti, I think I like the sound of Harry Toad better than The Hairy Toe :-D.