Friday, 24 June 2011

end of term

To start, a ta-da! A present for the Boy's teacher - a large plain mug, and a mug cosy knitted in New Lanark yarn. The pattern is this one, Owl Coffee Cup Cozie, but I knitted it flat so I could make ties as it was for a mug rather than a takeaway coffee cup. It was fun to knit and turned out pretty well I think - hope she liked it. I put a little bag of chocolates in too, just in case! And the Boy drew her a picture of the school as she was only at his school as a sort of long-term supply teacher after his original teacher retired, and is going to a different school next year.

This was the scene walking up to school - it was a non-uniform day (we used to call them mufti days when I lived in NZ but I've never heard them called that here - shame, it's much easier to type!) hence the Boy's jeans.

School finished at lunchtime so we headed off to Kittochside for a picnic, taking my brother with us as he had some leave due and fancied the afternoon off. Aaaah, coffee in the sunshine - the cups were hot, could have done with a coffee-cup cozy actually!

Lunch took some time as much running and jumping and other expenditure of energy had to be fitted in between morsels. Parkour? Pah! An alternative name could be just 'being eight'! After lunch we had tickets for the three o'clock tractor but...

... disaster! Epic flat tyre! Pretty impressive isn't it?

So we walked up to the farm in the sunshine.

The farm is full of babies - an incredibly noisy lamb, calves, piglets...


Miss Mouse tried out 'new Clover', the wooden cow. New Clover's udder arrangement seems to work better than that of old Clover who had her udder at an angle and kept leaking, poor old thing.

Aaaah. Bliss. A perfect start to the summer holidays!

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