Tuesday, 21 June 2011


And my favourite knitting project at the moment is a woolly sock:

- in fact my wool/alpaca bedsock knitted in squishy Drops Nepal. I'm using Lunamoth's Comfy Old Favourites pattern - love the eye of partridge heel-flap. Can you see it? I gather from a few people's notes on Ravelry and from on my own first two attempts that there's a typo in the turning-the-heel bit of the pattern, so I sent Lunamoth a message and she's checking it out. Nobody had told her! But then I had another go myself at figuring out where the typo is and I think, being very cautious here, I may have turned the heel! I may have been knitting for donkey's years but I'm fairly new to sock-knitting and am not good at seeing what's going on when turning the heel if you see what I mean - it's still like magic to me! So it's great for my self-confidence to figure something out for myself. It's a lovely pattern though - I do like thick cosy socks so I can see myself making quite a few of these.

On Sunday I took a trip to the Yarn Cake again with my brother and he bought me the rest of my birthday present:

Oh, and we ate more cake. Mmmm, I do like their apple crumble cake!

Anyway, apart from some more Drops Nepal (mitts to match the socks maybe?) and some bamboo needles, the contents were:

Aaah...The blue is Shilasdair 4-ply which actually I may struggle with knitting as it contains angora and my nose has problems with that sometimes, but I couldn't resist it and I'm sure the end result will be worth it. Shilasdair yarns are naturally-dyed so I got the blue as it's indigo-dyed and I doubt I'll ever try that! The green is some more Malabrigo worsted. I really shouldn't have photographed them in bright sunshine as it doesn't do the colours any justice but it was so unexpectedly sunny yesterday (forecast was for rain for a fortnight) that I just had to take the photos outside. And I'm glad I did too because it's bucketing it down again today!

Miss Mouse and I had some time to kill before getting the Boy from school yesterday so we took some photographs of wildflowers in the sunshine. Looks idyllic doesn't it? Quite meadow-like. In fact it's just a bit of waste ground between the back of the local Lidl and a business park, but it's quite a haven for bees. Gorgeous!

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