Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bring it on

I have a snow shovel and weather-proof boots. I am ready*!

I carry a spade in the boot of the car in the winter but really a snow shovel is much better. My search for unwaxed lemons took me to the supermarket today and they were selling snow-shovels, so there I was at the checkout with a snow-shovel, a bag of unwaxed lemons, some onions and a jar of coffee. Somehow it would have felt less silly if I'd had a huge trolley of shopping with the shovel perched on top.

I found myself humming the Harry Potter film music as I shopped - eventually it occurred to me that it was because I felt like I was lugging a broom around!

I had plans to make my Christmas cake today but by the time I got back from the shop it was really too late to start - it takes hours to cook and I'm not the kind of person who can leave the oven on while going to get the kids from school. I'd worry the house was burning down the whole time. Ridiculous really - I mean nothing ever goes wrong with the oven when I'm in the house, why would it in the 15 minutes I'm out? But there you go - it's my superpower, excessive worrying. Hard to save the world with it, admittedly, but then superpowers aren't always practical are they?

I might go and cut a few of what's left of the flowers in the garden - the kitchen window-sill is looking a bit drab today:
We had a few days of cold bright weather and I cleaned the kitchen window on Sunday because the low sunlight was really highlighting how spattered it was with, I dunno, washing up liquid maybe? Now normal service has been resumed and we're back to dreich, I feel I needn't have bothered! But a few of the last sweetpeas might perk the window-sill up a bit. Look at the Boy's tomato plant though! It was grown from seed at school then brought home and left to me to deal with (ha ha..). I was just wondering if he'd notice if I chucked it out, though I always feel tremendously guilty throwing plants out, when a little tomato appeared on it!


What d'you reckon? Better?

*Actually I am not quite ready 'til I've got the kids new boots. Then I am ready.


Annie said...

Much better :D You can't beat a little posy for brightening the place up.

Peeriemoot said...

Yep :-). Mine is the casual approach to flower arranging - 'plonk in receptacle - admire'! Never fails to cheer me up though.

Julie said...

I love having flowers in the house, and I miss a bigger garden which can provide more fodder for my scissors.
I've just bought the kids winter boots- bet it won't snow now! Juliex