Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Walk in the Park

After two days stuck inside with the unwell child, today the sun came out and Miss M had perked up enough for a trip to the country park.

I am actually Too Tired To Blog - good night!


silverpebble said...

Hello there, these are such beautiful pictures - especially the bottom one with the light shining through those lovely red leaves. Your permissions on flickr are preventing me from using your flickr pictures in the Making Winter mosaics. Would it be OK to use the urls from your blog instead (with links to you of course). I love your turnip lanterns too (I'm making a light-themed mosaic)

Thanks so much for joining in again this year!

Peeriemoot said...

Hi silverpebble :-). URLs from the blog are fine. I'm having a look at my flickr permissions but can't see what I'd need to change - if you have any idea, let me know and I'll try to sort it!

andamento said...

Hi there, I came across you via Silverpebble and have been having a bit of a nosey at your very interesting blog. So nice to "meet" another close-to-Glasgow yarn loving blogger (though I'm a crocheter rather than a knitter, hope you don't mind!)

Peeriemoot said...

Hello andamento - lovely to 'meet' you too! I'm trying to dabble in crochet - I'm not one of these knitters who thinks it's akin to crossing to the Dark Side :-D.