Sunday, 27 November 2011

More Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful are all I ever post at the moment - though that's not a bad thing of course!

I'm doing a lot of bloggy catching-up this morning, which is lovely. I seem to have missed a lot though! It's been a hectic week - my Beloved had a stinking cold and was off work for a couple of days, then he passed it on to me (so generous!) and the kids have had a busy week. But despite the snifflings and snufflings, I have Reasons!

Reason 1 - Miss Mouse had her very first dance exams this week. Due to a mix-up in the paperwork she actually did four when she was supposed to do three - she ended up doing Disco as well as Tap, Majorettes and Cheerleading - but did very well! Shh, I'm not telling her yet, so it's a surprise when she goes to her class this week, but she's passed them all. Actually I get the impression that with the little ones you'd probably have to have two left feet and hit the examiner over the head with a baton to fail, but nevertheless I'm very proud of her. Not least because it's so very far outwith my experience! Anyway, here she is as she was about to go in to the cheerleading exam:
A blur of pompoms

2) The Boy's tooth fell out! It hung in there until Tuesday lunchtime though, persistent thing that it was. It got to the rather gross state of being able to spin back to front and he was getting thoroughly fed-up with it but persistence on his part paid off. And very fortunately their school photos weren't taken until Wednesday morning. No picture of the momentous dental occasion as at the moment I only have one very blurry gap-toothed picture taken under electric light - it's so murky when they head off to school and much the same when they come home that photography in decent light is impossible during the week. And they're off at their Grandma's so I can't take one now - shame as it's a bright morning. We've had a wet week and three days of strong winds so the sunshine today is wonderful. The cats are outside making up for lost time! They were most offended by the weather and there was a bit of regression to climbing the curtains.

3) Tomato - there is an actual tomato on the Boy's tomato plant:

I think I may have mentioned it a few weeks ago, when it was still green, but look at it now! I never did get round to repotting the plant, but it doesn't seem to mind too much.

Secret knitting is progressing nicely, Christmas shopping is progressing (but I wouldn't say nicely), and I'm going to 'feed' the Christmas cake. I might even do some mordanting this morning..


Planet Penny said...

Cheerful reasons indeed, and I do love that happy cheerleader grin! Thanks for joining in. We've had that strong wind here, and at last all the leaves are off the trees in the front garden. Now we know Winter's nearly here! Penny x

Faith said...

You can see the enthusiasm in miss mouse's face, bless her. How nice to have a dancing girl, all foreign to me having three boys.

I have a strong aversion to teeth (apart from ones where they should be) dealing with teeth on threads would send me over the edge I fear.

Hope you have a lovely week and find lots more reasons to be cheerful.

Pomona said...

We are still getting tomatoes too - quite astonishing!

Pomona x

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you folks!

Faith, I'm not all that squeamish about teeth usually but when he told me he could spin his tooth right round it really was a little too much information! I'm *very* glad it's out now!

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a very cute Miss Mouse. Your tooth story brought back some gruesome childish memories. My dad always used to threaten us with the pliers if our teeth didn't fall out quickly enough (he was of course kidding but we shivered all the same).

A tomato! I am insanely jealous. Apart from the few leftovers ripening on the counter, we will see no more tomatoes until next July. (Supermarket tomatoes don't count.)