Thursday, 5 January 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

1. Knitting. I've started a razor-shell lace scarf with wool my brother bought me for my birthday. I've now learned not to try the lace rows when I'm watching television. Last night I managed to get one stitch short on one lace row, sorted that, then got four too many on the next. No idea how.. So I took it to soft-play with me today (Miss M was at a birthday party there), ripped it back four or five rows to tackle what was possibly a hole or possibly just a very loose stitch but was bugging me slightly either way, and got it all sorted. So satisfying. See, if I never messed up my knitting I'd never have the satisfaction of being able to fix it! (Pollyanna moment no.1).

The thumb bandage is because I cut the tip of my thumb chopping something and the wool keeps catching on the sticking plaster. This is the unattractive best option when knitting.

2. Opening a new bottle of brown sauce. My Beloved made the dinner, fish and oven chips (we were feeling tired and lazy), to which of course the only sensible accompaniment besides vinegar is brown sauce. I'm so mundane aren't I?

3. Flowers. I bought some tulips the other day (this picture is from Thursday I think - note the rare blue sky!) and even though they're doing that alarming tulip sag they do quickly they're so cheerful and happy looking. I've had a sore throat for several days and haven't really been out so a bit of colour indoors has been Just What The Doctor Probably Would Have Ordered. (Pollyanna moment number two)

Despite the sore throat I'm actually spoiled for Reasons To Be Cheerful choice at the moment (Pollyanna flounces off in a huff at being outclassed), even if the brown sauce one makes you suspect otherwise, so I may even do another post tomorrow, once the kids are safely back at school. I've loved the school holidays but a return to routine is something to look forward to in its own way.

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