Friday, 27 January 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

I've got to say, I'm struggling with Reasons To Be Cheerful this week. There are Reasons To Feel A Bit Swamped, Reasons To Be Mildly Anxious, Reasons To Need More Sleep, but.. Reasons To Be Cheerful? Well, it's not coming naturally. That's not to say I'm feeling depressed or anything, there's nothing wrong, I'm just Not Cheerful as such. I've even been Too Tired To Knit.

However, there are Reasons To Smile.

1) Watching Warehouse 13 - our new addiction. We'd seen the Eureka/Warehouse 13 crossover ('Crossing Over') so thought we'd try Warehouse 13 itself, and very enjoyable it is too. Fun programme with plenty of geekiness. Yes, just right. We've watched Seasons 1 and 2 in about a week and a half.

2) Daffodils. I have a pot of Tête-à-Tête daffs that I bought in a supermarket last year, and after they'd finished flowering the pot just sat in a corner outside the back door. I'd intended to re-plant the bulbs in the garden but the pot got shoved behind something else and forgotten about. Until a few days ago when I noticed green shoots coming up from that little pot. I brought it inside on Wednesday and on Thursday the first flower appeared! Yay!

3) Apple crumble. Mmmmmmmm.

4) Just thought of a fourth Reason. It was beautifully clear last night so the kids and I went out (well wrapped up, it was baltic out there) in the back garden to look at the stars just before bedtime. I've finally got round to buying a planisphere so we have more idea where to look and what we're looking at. The Orion nebula (fuzzy blob in Orion's sword) was more obvious last night - usually the light pollution here makes it hard to see - and the Boy was really pleased about that. Miss Mouse just likes looking for patterns and making up constellations! I also found our binoculars which was helpful - I can't see a thing through a telescope but if I shut one eye, binoculars work quite well for me.


Mrs. Micawber said...

I love "Reasons to be Mildly Anxious". I do understand what you're saying - the last two weeks have been a bit of a stretch for me too in the cheerfulness department.

Small growing things are always wonderful, especially when they bear flowers.

Marigold said...

We are in love with Warehouse 13 too! Can't wait for a new season to begin. We're struggling with being cheerful this week as well. Too much rain, me thinks. Orion is my favorite constellation. It is somehow always comforting to find his belt up there for some odd reason. Happy week!

Planet Penny said...

I'm glad you found some cheerfulness in the end, it's not always easy but it's usually there somewhere! I lover those little Tete-a-tete daffs, they always seem to struggle out in the most unlikely places to brighten the gloom.
Thanks for joining in xx