Thursday, 26 January 2012

The sky

I finished my brother's fingerless mitts last night - these were the ones that were supposed to be his Christmas present but I was still bogged down in the cable bit come Christmas Day. Once past the cable bit they fairly flew off the needles and last night I finally settled down to tackle the thumb which is my least favourite bit of mitten/glove-knitting because I'm quite nit-picky about the neatness of it and hate an untidy thumb! But being a bit of a fiddly thing to knit in the round getting them neat takes a bit of effort.

I'm pleased with the result though - the wool (a discontinued Rowan one I think) was an ideal choice for the pattern (Stephen West's Coler from Westknits 2) and I love that blue. I wish the sky was that blue - it just makes me think of skies and sea whenever I look at it. Gorgeous... Unfortunately the actual sky is a flat heavy grey with snow coming out of it just now, wet snow that's only just beginning to lie. Ooops, made myself shiver there!

No time for Reasons To Be Cheerful today so I'll do that tomorrow (loving the thought of pencilling 'Cheerful' into my diary for tomorrow!).


gordyandjen said...

Hope your brother likes the mitts ... i think they look fab :)its cold and snowy in Shotts too, here's hoping tomorrow brings blue sky and a crisp winter day.

Mrs. Micawber said...

That is a gorgeous yarn. I'm picky about thumbs too - good thing I don't knit much! The cables look wonderful.

I hope you can enjoy your snow and get some sunshine after the grey skies.

sajuki said...

adorable !

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you all!

Jen, good to see you blogging again :-).