Thursday, 4 October 2012


Not much to say today, but I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often again, so here's a few pictures I took yesterday. Some of the trees are absolutely glorious just now, and some have hardly changed at all. And one that we pass most days has one branch that thinks it's autumn and is suitably colourfully attired, and the rest think it's still late summer and are a tired green.  Weird.  The leaf picture is of an (ex-)inhabitant of that one branch.

I liked the sky in the last picture - it was almost like three skies stuck together a bit randomly.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Gorgeous maple - I could stare at those all day. I like your sky description, and the contrast of grey clouds with green grass and rusty trees.


Peeriemoot said...

I know - only the fear of looking weird (and embarrassing the kids!) prevents from spending ages staring up into that tree :-).