Monday, 24 February 2014

A squillion little bricks

We went to the Brick City exhibition in Paisley yesterday. This is an exhibition of famous places and buildings, some on a big scale, some on a very small scale, built from Lego by Warren Elsmore. It's not a huge exhibition in terms of the space it takes up, just one room really, but it was packed, both with the exhibits and with visitors. The lady on the door said they've had masses and masses of visitors - in fact the exhibition was due to end last week but was extended (finishes this coming Sunday) as it's turned out to be so popular. We arrived just as it opened and people had clearly been waiting to get in, which is probably unusual for Paisley Museum on a wet Sunday in February! We spent ages looking around, going back to out favourite things, finding interesting details, waiting for the crowds to thin a bit to admire something from a different angle.

 This is Lego Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial:

For fans of Scandinavian drama, three little bits of Denmark:

And at the other end of the scale, St.Pancras station.

I really like the clever small-scale models, but there's no denying the thought and work and observation that's gone into building something as big as this. The clock towers had actual clocks in them, telling the right time! And as for the crowds inside and outside the station..

 H. Potter running for his train. Presumably not the Hogwarts Express.

 A cow on the platform, waiting patiently. 

I couldn't get a decent picture but there was also Buzz Lightyear working in a bar, and Darth Vader, R2D2, Zurg-from-Toy-Story, and all sorts of others at the entrance to the station.

In the next room to the main exhibition there were tables with tubs of Lego Pieces for kids (presumably) to get creative.  The Boy made a little spaceship:

and Miss M felt literary:

It was a great thing to do on a dreich Sunday, and we had a mooch around the rest of the museum too while we were there - well, it'd be rude not to! They had some interesting Egyptian stuff and a display about the history of the textile industry in Paisley. Paisley's not somewhere we go to often - I think I've only actually been there once before, other than  occasionally passing through on the way to somewhere else - so I don't suppose we'd really ever have gone to the museum if it weren't for the Lego exhibition.

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