Thursday, 27 February 2014


My daughter's class are doing their class assembly next week - the theme is the water-cycle. Thrilling stuff!  They will be singing The Sun Has Got His Hat On and Singing In The Rain, so there has been much practising at home and in the car. Miss M has got all the words no bother, and has developed an addiction to Gene Kelly clips on YouTube, but she's not entirely in tune yet. The Boy is being driven steadily mad by off-key renditions of Singing In the Rain, mostly by Miss M but also by me (though naturally I'm completely in tune, oh yes). In the car on the way to Miss M's dance class this evening I distracted them with talk of the weather which was happening, in spades, all around us.  

Today has been nothing if not weatherful. There have been sunny spells and blue skies, but there have also been wind, rain, sleet and hail. During our in-car weather conversation (mostly monologue to be honest), we covered the topic of the weather in songs. Sunshine is well represented - The Sun Has Got His Hat On, My Girl ('I got sunshine on a cloudy day'), Walking on Sunshine, Sunshine After The Rain (early 90s dance track), Blame It On The Boogie ('Don't blame it on the sunshine'), ooh and loads of others that occurred to me while driving but that I can't recall now. Rain is fairly well represented too, though all I can think of now are November Rain (Guns'n'Roses) and Here Comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics - not sure I've spelled that right). Sleet and hail, which are what predominated during our short drive, do not figure much in popular music. Where's the breadth of meteorological music, eh?

Apologies for typos and inane ranting - this is, I think, my first blog post from my tablet, hence no piccies, which I haven't figured out yet.

Have a nice day!

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