Thursday 31 December 2020

A Hogmanay post

The rest of the family are watching The Mandalorian. I watched a bit but was really only interested in the fish people's knitwear, so I have wandered back upstairs and tried to do my Top Nine of Instagram posts. However the Top Nine app says it's 'housekeeping' so I'm assuming that much of the planet is doing the same thing. I'll try again tomorrow. 

I woke up this morning to more snow* - snow that was falling in big fluffy flakes, and as I am very much a child when it comes to snow (unlike my actual children who can take it or leave it) I immediately got dressed and went for a walk, taking loads of pictures both on my phone and my compact camera. The ones on my compact camera are much better but as using those on this post would require me to use my actual computer which is in the room where The Mandalorian is happening, I'm using the less good ones on my phone. Also I can't seem to move them about on my phone which is why they're stuck at the top instead of scattered through as I usually do!

My walk was blissful - hardly anybody about apart from a few dog walkers, and their dogs obviously. I saw one dog going absolutely delirious with joy at chasing tennis balls in the snow - 'tennis balls! snow! Life doesn't get better than this when you're a dog!' Its hard to resist that much enthusiasm.  

The rest of the day has been fairly idle - an excellent video call with my brother, some reading, watching the New Year special of the Great British Sewing Bee (inconveniently not shown on BBC Scotland, but somebody on Instagram kindly pointed out that you can change the region setting on iPlayer) which was brilliant, and now I have the theme tune to Black Beauty in my head. Talking of sewing, I actually meant to sew another mask today but didn't get round to it. Mañana.

I've seen a lot of reviews of the year, but it feels a little pointless to me. We didn't go anywhere or do anything much. I learned to darn but did not make sourdough loaves - my husband has been working from home at the kitchen table since March so it has not been a year for pottering in the kitchen. Apart from the general worry that we've all had it hasn't been a bad year for us, but it's certainly been a cramped year.

11.29pm - they've given up on tv for the night, I'm on the pc, and I can't be bothered rewriting what I've already written so have some more pics! (Actually now that I see the phone pics on a decent-sized screen they're better than I thought - always a nice surprise!)

See? Bliss!

Happy Whatever, Everybody!



* Just enough to feel like snow rather than the dusting of the last few days.

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