Wednesday, 27 October 2010

a bit of colour for the kitchen

My kitchen window-sill has been looking a bit drab so I treated myself to a bunch of flowers to cheer it up, however briefly.

This'll teach me to blog when tired - this post was supposed to be on my picture-a-day blog, but actually I like having these colours on this one so it can stay. It's kind of appropriate anyway as I'm going to participate in silverpebble's splash of colour. I like the winter but there are definitely times in the greyest depths of winter when I crave some colour. And despite living in a house that looks like an explosion in a toy-shop, there's a difference between beautiful uplifting colour and dismembered-doll-in-a-pink-tutu colour (sssh, don't tell Miss Mouse but I chucked that doll out).

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