Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fork 'andles

What was I going to say? Can't remember! I write whole blog posts in my head but the moment I get near a 'puter I go blank. Anyway today was fork 'andles day in our house. Much excitement for Miss Mouse.

On a less exciting note, last week I made her a hot-water bottle cover from cheap Lidl 'Fontana' yarn. The hot-water-bottle itself is half-size, perfect for tiddlers, though actually she so rarely feels the cold it's only for the extremes of winter. Miss Mouse takes after her father; I on the other hand am constantly chilly. I had my doubts about the suitability of this yarn as it's quite thick and I thought it might be too well insulated for feet-warming purposes, but actually having test-driven the hot-water-bottle and cover the last few nights (yeah, ice-cold toes and it's only October), I can confirm its eminent suitability.

Excellently modelled don't you think?


mother of purl said...

happy birthday Miss Mouse! I want a hot water bottle cover just like that- it looks super-cozie! x

Peeriemoot said...

It is fabulously squishy :-D.

scarletti said...

Happy Birthday Miss Mouse and many special wishes.

The Smalls seems to be made of entirely different blood stock to me too on the heat retaining properties. I'll admit to only 2 days this year without my hottie (shame I know).

Peeriemoot said...

If DH wasn't so radiantly hot I'd have a hot-water-bottle every night :-D - blimey that sounds dodgy! What's happened to your blog Scarletti? I can't see it anymore!

Peeriemoot said...

Oh and I meant to say thank you for the birthday wishes, both of you :-).