Saturday, 16 October 2010


That steriliser has come in handy!

So marigolds again - tagetes that is, not calendula. Last time I tried these I just chucked a few marigolds in with the horsetail dye-bath. This time I decided to use up the remaining marigolds from my garden to see what the effect is like when it's just marigolds. As usual I've mordanted the wool with alum and cream of tartar and as you can see the effect is pretty good! In the picture above the yarn is still wet so the colour's more intense, but even when it dried it's a rich clear yellow.

In this picture the skein on the right is the horsetail/marigold effort from before. It's hard to see in the picture but in reality the difference is quite marked. Today's marigold only skein is a clearer yellow, the horsetail one is a bit murkier.

I'm happy! I have another skein just drying which has been dyed in the remains of the marigold dye-bath. So far it looks a paler yellow - can't wait to tomorrow to see it in daylight! I've also been mordanting more wool this evening so will be dyeing again tomorrow. Yay, successful weekend!

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