Sunday, 2 January 2011

And the lazy days continue

I don't know about anybody else but I reach a point somewhere over the Christmas holiday where I have no idea what day it is and we all seem to be drifting around in a haze. We eat too much cake or chocolate (how many selection boxes?), watch too many DVDs and I spend the evenings knitting a log-cabin blanket that I can't get decent pictures of because by the time I remember the daylight's fading and it looks awful under electric light. The yarn's a bit fine really, ostensibly DK but a DK that's on the thin side if you can imagine, so it will take forever. I might just make it into a cushion cover actually. But it's looking nice and makes me smile.

We haven't been completely lazy though - we've been getting the kids out as much as possible and today we went for a long walk at the wind-farm. A rather longer walk than we'd intended actually as we didn't have the map with us and the route we took was further than we'd realised. The kids did remarkably well with fairly minimal whinging - especially Miss Mouse who, after all, only has little legs. The visitor centre (very hands-on science-based exhibits - the kids love it) is shut for the winter unfortunately, but a lot of people had had the same urge to get out into the air as we had and there were loads of people walking and cycling.

I'm not sure we actually wore the kids out though. Rather the reverse.

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