Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The waves are rolling on

Occasionally (just occasionally) I find myself thinking that teh Intartubes are overrated. And then as we get towards the last Tuesday in January, when I'm in the midst of my annual bout of homesickness, I remember web-cams. And yesterday being the last Tuesday in January and therefore Up Helly Aa, I spent a little time in the morning watching the Visit Shetland webcams - here's a photo of what the webcam showed happening at the Cross just after 10am:

In the evening, even better, I was over at my brother's and he set up a convoluted arrangement of cables, laptop and television so we could watch Visit Shetland's live internet coverage of the procession.

Waiting with baited breath..

for things to get started..

then watching as if hypnotised 'til the finish (for us)..

..at which point I realised I was late for meeting (appropiately enough) my knitting group buddies! It was a bit surreal actually, after being so immersed in what's going on in Shetland, to be wandering round the southside of Glasgow!

So a lovely evening - congratulations to Visit Shetland and all who worked on the coverage, it was great! If you look over on Kozetland1's blog there are some gorgeous pictures of the day.


scarletti said...

I've never heard of this, so really enjoyed reading your post and discovering something new. Thanks : )

Peeriemoot said...

Glad you enjoyed it :-).