Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cross-stitch fail

I've flirted with cross-stitch in the past and even almost finished a couple of projects! Today I found an unopened cross-stitch bookmark kit (delphinium design, so pretty, so summery) I'd had for, ooh, six or seven years and thought I'd start it tonight. We're watching The Edwardian Farm on catch-up and a bit of cross-stitch seemed a suitably soothing accompaniment. Wrong! I'd completely forgotten how much cross-stitch winds me up and I've only got as far as sorting the threads! I'm so feeble! Tomorrow I'll overcome my aversion to actually making the first stitch and then it'll be fine I'm sure. No really, I'm sure! The threads are pretty colours at least.

I bought myself flowers the other day, that's the red happiness up the top there, and we've had sunshine the last couple of days so the combination of sun and flowers are getting me through January, my least favourite month. I'm really not anti-winter, I'm just not a fan of January, but this year it's been okay so far. Last week was the week for enrolling seemingly tiny children for starting school in August - that was a bit weird, Miss Mouse can't be that age already surely? But she is. Most odd.


Felicity said...

he he i can never be bothered to sort my threads, I'm terribly messy! Fliss xxx

Peeriemoot said...

I really had to - there were five shades of blue, three of which were very similar to each other :-D.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

You can do it :-) If you need any tips give me a shout as I quite enjoy a bit of cross stitch.