Monday, 3 January 2011

January splash of colour: riotous

I remembered to take a photo of my log-cabin blanket/cushion-cover in daylight(ish)! And appropriately enough for silverpebble's Splash of Colour it's quite a colourful bit of knitting for me - using King Cole Riot. Loving it. There's not been much colour to work with today - daylight was deeply overcast and short-lived, and then it started to snow again. So it's been a staying inside being cosy kind of day:

The mug was a Christmas present from my brother and in normal light is quite colourful. I spent quite a while (after the white stuff started falling again *mutter grumble*) going back through my 365 blog and through my files of pictures from the summer and found this one:

Aaah. Just a bunch of sweet-peas in a vase but so pretty. This was taken at my parents' house. My mum has a talent for just chucking a few flowers in a vase and it looks just right. She had sweetpeas dotted all over the house on window-sills. I am going to grow sweet peas this year. I did last year but planted them very late, so this year, this year..


silverpebble said...

Oh the colours in that yarn! How gorgeous!

I envy your mug. I really do.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love your colours, oooohhh I really want sweetpeas growing now, how I miss them :-(

periwinkle said...

I tried to do one of those blankets once and I got in such a state and it looked such a mess I frogged it. Lovely colours in the yarn .

Penelope said...

Hello, I LOVE your log-cabin blanket, do you have a pattern for it on ravelry? I have used the King Cole Riot and really enjoy the colour it produces in the end xox Penelope

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you all for dropping by :-).

Periwinkle, my first logcabin (not yet completed actually..) was using lopi wool which is very tolerant of mistakes I found :-D. This yarn is less so, looking a bit holey in places but the colours more than make up for it!

Penelope, the pattern is approximately from Mason-Dixon knitting -
Approximately because the starting section is supposed to be twice as long as I made it but the beauty of it is it's so freeform it doesn't really matter!