Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Splash of insomnia

I've had a bout of insomnia and have felt like a zombie - ironic really when Rogerborg shopped for a zombie apocalypse and failed to notice his own wife shambling around, blank-eyed (though admittedly not slurring 'braaainsss'). So I've not been capable of sensible blogging and missed the rest of January's Splash of Colour. Never mind, I'll add to it now - the day we took our Christmas decorations down and packed them away:

I'm always quite glad to take the decorations down again, though I love having them up for a bit. Before having the kids we used to put our decorations up quite late, but as the kids have got older we've done it earlier each year, so really by the time New Year has come I've had enough of it all! Bah, humbug, eh?

The big excitement of the week has been the arrival of my new camera - there she is:

I was quite ridiculously excited about this - I've really missed having a compact camera for everyday use and this is very much pocket-sized. I took loads of completely pointless photos that day, but here's one from a few days later when it had snowed again. I'm really pleased with the results from such a tiny camera.

This is about as creative as I've got during my zombie-stage - I just couldn't concentrate on knitting or anything else really. Thankfully I'm sleeping better now and feeling much more human, and even managed to do a bit more on my log-cabin blanket last night. Yay for sleep!


Scented Sweetpeas said...

I hope your good sleep carries on, it is horrid when your sleep is broken. I have had 2 nights good sleep this week and it feels fab (little sweetpea is quite nocturnal :-)).

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you :-) - sleeping much better now. It really was like a horrible flashback to when my kids were tiny, though without the colicky wailing!