Monday, 25 February 2013

Another nice thing

Another nice thing about this time of year is that cut daffodils are so cheap. Usually I feel guilty about buying flowers when they don't last long, even though I know the psychological boost makes the occasional bunch (or in the depths of winter, a regular bunch) worth every penny. At heart I am indeed a stingy Scot, so when it's 99p for a generous bunch of daffs, giving me sunshine in the house, it makes me very happy indeed!  And they're all the better of course when actual sunshine is bouncing off them!

Do you like my jar vases? Most of my vases (oops, Mr.Collins-ing again) are quite tall and/or narrow-necked which doesn't suit short sturdy bunches of daffs, but jars work quite well and suit the casual nature of daffodils I think. I particularly like the one the daffs on the left are in. It contained stir-fry sauce of some type I think and looked very dull with its label on, but now that that's been removed I think it's an interesting shape.


Ladybird Diaries said...

Your daffs are gorgeous, I love the jars you have them in, great idea. I love daffodils I think they are probably my favourite flower. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - hope you persevere with your knitted blanket although I do agree that sewing the squares together is a pain!
M xxx

Peeriemoot said...

Yes, I think daffodils are probably my favourite flower too. There are loads I like but its daffodils that make me really happy :-).

The blanket is a sort of comfortable background project, I just knit a square here and there when I feel like some mindless knitting. It'll be finished eventually but it might take a couple of years!