Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Winter colour: red

 The Boy's room is a lovely sunny bright room and when I went upstairs this afternoon I saw the sun shining on his Lego storage boxes and just thought how cheerful it looked. Then I felt a bit envious because our room and Miss M's room get no direct sunlight at all.  Hmm.  I may have to hang up a set of mirrors and other shiny things (disco ball perhaps?) to bounce the light around..
Biscuit cutters! Hanging up because they're just too nice to hide away. The Boy and I made heart-shaped chocolate cookies the other day, adapting a recipe slightly in a not entirely successful manner. Edible though. It just means we'll have to tweak our recipe a bit next time!

Fake roses! These belong to Miss M actually - she got them at the school Valentine's disco last year. I love that vase. I've had it for years and it's the perfect size for smaller flowers.

And talking of Valentines, some felt hearts by Donna Smith Designs. These were Christmas decorations but as there's nothing overtly Christmassy about them and they've got a knitterly theme (the holes being in the manner of a traditional Fair Isle pattern chart), I've kept them out and I'm trying to find somewhere good to hang them. I was at school with Donna and I think she makes lovely stuff so I have no problems at all giving her business a well-deserved plug!

Tomorrow, will be orange I think. 


Mrs. Micawber said...

Those hearts are beautiful - the felt looks very firm and non-flexible.

In our apartment, the south-facing front room gets all the sunshine and the north-facing bedroom is always rather dim and chilly. Great in summer, but not so much in winter.

A disco ball in the bedroom could be fun....

Peeriemoot said...

The hearts are quite firm, it's quite thick good quality felt - I suppose it would need to be if the pattern of holes is to show.

We never get it hot enough for it to be a relief to have a cool dim room, so I'd never thought of it that way!