Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Winter colour: yellow

 Picture posts are very easy when you're feeling lazy, tired and cold!  

So first up, tulips! I couldn't get any daffodils yesterday so got yellow tulips instead. I love the rich warm colour, reminds me of egg yolks.

Hehe, this duck with the groovy hairstyle is my washing-up brush, bought on a whim at the end of last year just because it made me laugh. Makes doing the dishes more fun anyway.

 Mmm, banana!

I also got my daughter some new hair-clips and hairbands yesterday - where do these things go? There must be hundreds of them scattered around the house, and a pink daisy clip from this set has gone awol already. I love the daisies, very cheerful.

A sunny daffodil picture from last week. It really has been surprisingly sunny recently, intermittently at least. Even today - it snowed fairly heavily all morning and I had a hell of a time getting back up our road mid-morning, but by mid-afternoon a lot had thawed and then the sun came out a bit.

I think might go to bed soon, very tired this evening. Tomorrow's colour will be red, probably!

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