Friday, 8 February 2013

Winter color: pink

Until six-and-a-bit years ago there was very little pink in our house. Then Miss M arrived. Pink started to creep in, bit by bit. I don't think it's even her favourite colour, but there seems to be an unwritten law that states 'girl-child shall bring pink into your life'.

I blame this lady for some of it.  Apparently she's never heard of Barbara Cartland and doesn't realise that there is such a thing as over-accessorising with pink. I can't criticise the pink car though  - when I first met My Beloved he had a pink car. Through choice.

Even inflatable guitars can be pink.  If there's one pink (and white and red) thing I do really love it's the crochet blanket which I'd love to take credit for but in fact I got it in a charity shop. One day I'll get the hang of crochet enough to make a similar one.  It can't be difficult can it? It's just a gigantic granny square I think.

I am unfairly using this as an example - the bunting has many colours, including pink.

Eventually it rubbed off on me. Though I should point out that I bought these because they were really cheap and despite the slightly shrieky colour (now toned down with splashes of brown woodstain from painting the fence). But I love them because they are very comfortable and very useful and, I admit rather grudgingly, they do bring a bit of cheery colour to my feet. Just not as much as my red shoes!


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

As children one of my daughters loved pink and the other loathed it ... except when it came to Barbie ... that doll has a lot to answer for!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely loving your colourful posts for the last few days, they have really cheered me up! I think yellow was my favourite.

Mrs. Micawber said...

My childhood Barbies didn't involve any pink - or perhaps just a bit.

Anyone who can knit the socks you do, can master a granny square! And yes, that's a giant granny square. :)

Peeriemoot said...

Thanks for the comments :-). Sorry to be so slow in replying!

Annie, she certainly does!

K, glad you enjoyed it, I think the yellow was my favourite too!

MrsM, I had Sindy dolls which were a British equivalent to Barbie and were very popular when I was a kid. I seem to remember that the packaging they came in was very pink with lots of hearts, but the clothing was less so. My favourite outfit for my brunette Sindy was a red-checked shift dress :-). Can't remember anything else but I remember that dress!