Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Green things happenin' in the garden

 Look! I'm growing light-bulbs!

Oh, okay, they're snowdrops. I find white flowers very difficult to photograph, especially in sunlight. These have mostly popped up in the last week. I like snowdrops but they're so small and white that they don't make much impact in the garden.  So I'm hoping that these..

and these..

 .. are something yellow. I can't remember what bulbs I planted where so it'll all be a pleasant surprise if and when they flower.

 These are the first tiny leaves of apple-mint:

Stuff is happening in my garden. At some point over the winter I always think that Nothing Will Ever Grow Again, but it mostly does.

The more of this the better!

The downside of clear blue skies of course is cold frosty nights and scraping the car in the morning, but I can live with that to get some sunshine in February. And as it's nearly the end of February (where does the time go etc) I'm starting to think about what I want to do with the garden this year. I want sunflowers again - we grew some a couple of years ago but none last year, and I do like the vertical interest they provide, as the gardening books say. In other words my garden is a small rectangle so I need tall things in it. And I like cheerful flowers! And the kids enjoyed growing ridiculously tall flowers.

I want cosmos this year as well. I grew some by accident last year (they were in a flower seed mix I think) and they were beautiful. And poppies, I like poppies. Dad gave me a whole lot of poppy seeds so that's a good start. And I want loads of nasturtiums. I might even grow some veg again this year.  Right, I'm off to look at seed company websites and request catalogues!


Pomona said...

I do envy you your blue skies - it is so drear and grey here I am desperate for spring. We have snowdrops but that's it!

Pomona x

Ladybird Diaries said...

Love your snowdrops. We have had some lovely sunshine this week too and it has a been great. We have never grown sunflowers before but would like to have a go, it's a good thing to do with kids i've heard.
M xxxx

Mrs. Micawber said...

I love cosmos too - grew some years ago and they were so beautiful.

Good luck with the garden! Try not to order one of everything from the seed catalogues.... :)

Peeriemoot said...

The blue skies have ben lovely Pomonoa, but the forecast says we're going back to our more normal wet, overcast weather soon. Ah well, it was good while it lasted and so unexpected!

M, sunflowers are great for the kids because they're quite big seeds so easy to plant and then they grow so well and the kids love standing next to them to see who's tallest :-).

Mrs M, well maybe not one of *everything*... Temptation is huge but I only have a small garden!