Saturday, 13 January 2018

January! The perfect time to go to a museum!

The perfect day for a museum visit being, of course, when it's cold, grey and wet, and spending a few hours indoors looking at interesting things seems like the best bet.  The museum in question is the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow's West End. The West End is north of the Clyde and we live south of Glasgow, so we used the satnav, hoping it would help us on the bits of the route we were a little vague about. It turns out that the satnav has a fear of rivers, refused to cross the Clyde, and had us driving in circles in the Southside for some time, at which point we gave up on it. Eventually we arrived at Kelvingrove, and headed inside for a happy wander. I really like the photo above - there was something about the floor tiles and the contrast with the rather striking colours of the painting at the end. Close to I wasn't so keen on the painting ('The Last of the Crew' by Briton Riviere) - it wasn't terrible, just not my cup of tea - but it works very well in that spot.

This is the view across the East Court (I think - the museum is big and old and symmetrical in layout which you'd think would make it not confusing - not so). The pink blobs are the 'floating heads', an installation by Sophie Cave. The heads show various expressions and emotions, and the light underneath them changes colour now and then. I don't know what they're made of (and googling hasn't helped) but I'm guessing they must be plastic as their strings aren't very thick!

They're sort of creepy and fascinating at the same time, but there's so much to see that you stop noticing them pretty quickly to be honest. Or maybe that's just because I've seen them before.

The museum is full of interesting things. Miss M and I managed to lose the rest of the family when we got distracted by textiles and the like. I was particularly taken with the pleasing pattern of weaving on the basket from Papua New Guinea above. I love woven things. I'm glad that picture came out reasonably well because a lot of them didn't - too many reflections!

And the building from outside, looking warmer than it should because of the lights on the facade!

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