Friday, 16 November 2012

A little music

I bought some piano music today (in Lidl of all places) and spent ages tickling the ivories, rediscovering things I'd played years before, like the C.P.E. Bach piece in the picture above) or bits of music I know but had never played, like Easy Winners  (Scott Joplin). I always forget how much I enjoy playing the piano.

Do you like the unicorn on the piano? Miss M painted that at a ceramic-painting place. It adds a touch of psychedelia to our house..

Hmph, I posted this at 11.59 on Friday  but it came out as 00.00 on Saturday. It's my Friday blog, really it is!  You know what, it's bugging me - I'm going to change the setting.

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Mrs. Micawber said...

It's your blog - change that setting! :)

C.P.E. is such a lovely set of initials. I'm rather fond of all the Bach boys but I think CPE was my favourite of that generation.