Saturday, 10 November 2012


This sheep just stood there with a jackdaw (I think) on one of its horns and another on its back. When we got a bit closer to them the birds flew off and the sheep came out of its reverie and wandered off. I'd love to know what it was thinking.

In other thrilling news, my brother has been channelling his inner lumberjack and has been chopping wood, and I knitted backwards and found the Sixteenth Stitch (it was a rogue and nearly invisible k2tog).  Then I tried the sock on my foot and decided to frog it and start again with more stitches. It was perfectly fine on my ankle but just too tight to get over my heel easily. I think it's the slip stitches that are affecting the tension - make sense really.  It feels stretchy, just not stretchy enough.
So I've cast on again this evening and have just started the first set of circles. At least it grows quickly!

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