Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I think if I made these mitts again I'd move the cable/lace panel over a bit, or perhaps move the thumb further round - they have to be adjusted into the right place rather than sitting there naturally. Perhaps I just have oddly shaped hands.  The interesting thing about the wool is that it looks quite different colours in different light. In daylight it looks red - not scarlet, but more to the orange side of the range (tomato red perhaps). By the light of my bedside lamp it looks rusty which is why I didn't like knitting them in bed.  When I was out for a walk today they looked quite autumnal, as if they could almost, almost, have done for the orange project too.

I don't knit with a lot of red or orange, or warm colours much at all come to think of it - until I started Project Rainbow this year had been all about the blues and before that there were more greens (and I'm just remembering a Far Side cartoon of a frog in sunglasses singing 'I got the Greeeeeens, I got the Greens real bad..'). I'm not sure warm colours suit my peely-wally colouring - would my fingers look less blue with blue mitts?


Mrs. Micawber said...

I think the colour looks very nice with your finger complexion....

Love the ring that's peeking out from your mitt.

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you :-).

The ring is a very cheap thing I got from ebay as a replacement when I lost my engagement ring (also smoky quartz) one snowy day five years ago :-(. It's nice enough but is mostly there to make sure my wedding-ring doesn't fall off!