Thursday, 15 November 2012


Back to the knitting! I finished my Spoots scarf (razor-shell lace - pattern here) a couple of weeks ago but I didn't ta-da it because I was going to add beads to the 'points' and hadn't actually bought any suitable beads yet.

 the points during blocking

But actually I've been wearing it on and off and I'm wondering whether to bother after all. This could partly be laziness, but also the knowledge that, pretty though they are, the beads will almost certainly catch on things. Like my hair. And the cats might think the scarf is an exciting new cat-toy.  So here's a picture of the scarf while I have a think:

Whatever I decide I'm glad I stuck it out with the soft-as-butter Shilasdair Luxury 4-ply. By the end I was making far fewer mistakes and wasn't un-knitting nearly so often so the wool was up to the challenge, and the end result is soft and warm and just really nice. Oh, and long - I may have been bored to tears for the last 20, ok 30cm, but it was worth it!

Blimey, I'm getting the hang of this lace thing! Quite slowly, admittedly...

Random Thought of the Day: I'm curious as to why the spell-check red wriggly underlining thing in Blogger doesn't recognise 'blogging' as a word. It takes me back to the olden days when Word suggested 'interned' whenever you typed 'internet'!


Mrs. Micawber said...

I've noticed the "blogging" glitch too. Go figure.

What a very beautiful scarf - it would look amazing with dangly bead accents but the point about the cat is well taken. A tough call.

annie said...

I love the scarf as is. I miss scarves in the heat here. They rarely get worn. So I make rugs! Go figure...