Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn colour

 We had a lazy day today. We watched The Muppets on DVD (complete with microwave popcorn - bleurgh), then we watched the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (and I held my breath for whole chunks of it - blimey what a race), and then the Boy and I went for a walk.  Most of the leaves are down now..
 .. and the colours are in the copper-to-brown range, more muted than it was.

Back at home the less muted Circle Socks (what I eventually decided to do for my Project Rainbow 'Orange' item - not toe-up; top-down but with this fun slip-stitch pattern)  are proceeding. I've never knitted a slipped-stitch pattern before and it's a lot of fun - much quicker than I thought for a start. Actually the purl rows are much slower than the slip-stitch rows. I did have a slight issue of a dropped slip-stitch meaning I had to go back three rows. And then do the same thing again when I realised I'd dropped the flamin' thing again, but it's all sorted now!  It's looking lovely but I'm not sure it's going to fit over my foot - I have quite big feet and although I'm sure the ankle will fit my ankle, if you see what I mean, I'm not sure I'll get it to my ankle. Feet are so inconveniently shaped! So I may have to start again with a few more stitches - I'll do a few more rounds and see how it's doing. The thought did cross my mind that the slipped-stitch circles would make a lovely cuff for a pair of gloves/mitts but I really don't need any more.

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