Friday, 23 December 2011

Baa and Moo

Happiness is the smell of wet sheep.

Today was more restful - all the important stuff is done so the kids and I went to the museum and said hello to the young bull:

I've forgotten his name but he was very friendly.

And this afternoon I did a bit of dyeing with some leftover dye liquor (possibly elderberry?) I had in the freezer and a mixture of onion skins, mostly red. It's the first time I've done any dyeing in ages and the smell of wet wool was pleasantly familiar. A comforting smell, I always think. I'm leaving it to soak overnight this time - no idea what colour it'll turn out though it's a rich reddish-brown at the moment.

This evening I have been wrapping presents - imagine my eyes crossing with tiredness. I'm not done with the wrapping yet but at least I've broken the back of it and tomorrow night shouldn't be quite so chaotic. Yeah.

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