Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Too busy to be cheerful

That's a glum title isn't it? It's not meant to be - it's just that I've only just realised that I missed Reasons To Be Cheerful last week - not that I wasn't necessarily cheerful, just that I was too busy to notice. It's all been a bit of a frenzy..

But.. school finished today, we're mostly organised for the festivities and my cat looks like Yoda:

It was the school nativity play this morning but, frustratingly, I did not get a single decent picture of Miss Mouse being an angel. She made a very cute angel though!

In the spirit of last-minute panic I finished the final owl-for-the-teacher last night:

Some new squares of felt arrived in the post this morning so I'll make a couple more owls I think, but without deadlines and just for the fun of it. In the meantime I'm off to watch a Next Gen episode - make it so!

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