Monday, 19 December 2011


I'm cheating - it's Tuesday morning. I was too dozy to blog last night. I switched off the 'puter, then I remembered I hadn't actually written this - which had been the point of switching it on in the first place! Easily distracted, see..

It was that kind of day. At twenty to five I'd suddenly remembered that Miss Mouse was supposed to be at her dance class Christmas party at five. Cue mad panic! We made it on time though and she enjoyed herself - in the picture above are the decorations at the venue, a masonic hall of all places!

Despite the inherent chaos of the week, things are reasonably well under control (or so I keep telling myself while madly writing Christmas cards and to-do lists) and starting to feel a bit sparkly. I put the marzipan on the Christmas cake last night, which is always fun! Like playing with play-dough only the smell is better. I'd bought two packets of marzipan but actually as I prefer a fairly thin layer of marzipan on my cake I only used one, so I'm wondering what I can do with the other packet. I don't think a last minute stollen is feasible!

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