Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Return of the garter-stitch square

Back to the 'comfort knitting'..

Today was vile weatherwise - peaking in horribleness just at school picking-up time of course! I've probably got red marks all over my face from the hail pinging off it at warp speed (it's quite breezy again) . The children were not vastly enthusiastic about being out in it either. The curious thing is that from the house the weather seems worse than last Thursday when it was a red weather warning. Today was yellow upgrading to amber - such lovely warm sunny colours they use! How much more depressing would it be if they chose 'mottled mauve' like the colour of my hands in this weather? So yeah, it sounds a whole lot worse from the house - probably the wind is coming from a different direction, more to the south perhaps. I wonder how many roof tiles we'll have to replace - they appear to be stuck on with blutak or something similarly not-all-that-sticky.

Tonight was knitting coven night and although I fully intended to go my train was cancelled due to a train fault (whatever that is - not weather-related presumably) and the alternative was driving which I didn't fancy in this weather. So I stayed at home and went on with the project I'd intended to work on if I'd been out - nice easy garter stitch squares, perfect for when I'm tired and really need to clean my contact lenses! I really should see how many squares I've made so far but they're kinda scattered around the house.

I did a whole lot of Christmas shopping this morning so tomorrow I'm intending to be doing stuff in the house, maybe I'll even wrap some presents and write some cards. That would be very organised of me!

Ooops, just edited out a typo in my title - 'grater-stitch' indeed :-D.


andamento said...

I thought the weather today was as bad as last week too. We also had hailstones at 3pm school pick-up time - they hurt!

Peeriemoot said...

Amazing how often the weather turns horrible at 3pm isn't it!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What is it about school pick up time and the weather, someone up there knows that we are all waiting :-)

Peeriemoot said...

And the worse the weather is, the longer they take to get their jackets on!