Sunday, 4 December 2011

the white stuff

Dyer's chamomile in the snow

If there's something I really like, it's watching snow fall. It's fascinating - the layers of depth you see, some falling faster than others, some at different angles, odd little flurries swirling up and down again. Today we had snow showers, enough for a scattering of white, just a thin layer, but enough to change the quality of the light. And then there was the weird flat sky you get just before a snow shower - not obvious cloud, just grey blankness. It intrigues me. It's woolly hat and scarf weather! Hurray! (A Pollyanna moment :-D)

There has been much secret knitting today - the kids have their swimming classes on a Sunday afternoon so I usually take some knitting to be getting on with while they're splashing around. The cafe by the pool has good lighting so today I was taking advantage of that to do some fiddly sewing-up.


Julie said...

I've got my fingers crossed for snow tonight - and so have the children!
I hoped to knit at the weekend but didn't get a chance. Oh well, maybe next weekend! Juliex

Peeriemoot said...

Hope you get your snow :-). My kids are so UNenthusiastic about the snow - mainly due to the last couple of winters and having to walk to school because our road is awful in even the smallest amount of snow and the car can't cope. As a kid I used to get so excited about snow (still do, up to a point)!