Thursday, 1 December 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful-ish

Yay! It's the 1st of December! (Yes, you knew that).

And it's week 7 of Planet Penny's Reasons To Be Cheerful! I don't think I've done seven weeks of it yet though - have I? I think I missed the first week.

The wind has dropped a bit and it's not actually raining - at the moment anyway. It was sleeting as I dropped the kids off at school (bitterly regretted forgetting my woolly hat). And I've just gone round the house and changed my many calenders over to their new pictures! I love turning to a new calendar page. So that's my first reason to be cheerful. Do you like our Santa Claus in that picture? Miss Mouse made it yesterday - the schools were closed due to the strike, and we were stuck inside due to colds and grim weather, so apart from bickering, telly and the Wii there was a little making going on. I like his curly beard!

Reason number two is a much delayed ta-daa! Finally, finally, the item fondly known as Bogroll Barbie (though she's not a Barbie, she's a cheap pound-shop 'fashion doll' equivalent) is FINISHED! Hurrah, huzzah, rejoicing in the streets!

I painted the base yesterday, and there she is in all her glory, on her little pedestal! Loo-roll dolls are just the most bonkers creation aren't they? I sometimes wonder who first thought 'You know, that toilet roll really needs a crinoline!'

I like this picture a lot - it's pleasingly strange..

Reason three - well, I don't want to jinx it, but we should, fingers crossed, touch wood, being cautiously optimistic here, be getting our cavity wall insulation done tomorrow. I'm being very cautious about this because we've had people out three times to do this, but this time.. well, let's hope. In any case, we're reasonably well-prepared for winter:

This time last year we were up to our oxters in snow - well, slight exaggeration but looking back at my 365 blog, this is how things were on the 1st of December 2010. Chilly. I'm working on my mum's premise which is that if we're well-prepared for winter it won't be such a bad one!

You know what? We forgot the advent calenders this morning! Something to look forward to once the kids are home from school :-D.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Thanks for giving me a good morning laugh - I can't understand the existence of toilet paper covers either but since we can't escape them we may as well embrace them and get some fun out of it. I especially enjoyed the "pleasingly strange" bit....

Santa's curly beard is very well done and the first thing I noticed about him. And I love turning calendar pages too. It's so nice to be surprised by a new picture (I never let myself look at them in advance).

Not actually raining is a VERY good reason to be cheerful. Stay warm!

Planet Penny said...

What a great set of pictures, especially pleasingly strange bogroll Barbie, and that's a great little Santa!
Thanks for joining in!
Penny x

Faith said...

I've just had a 'right good giggle' at bog roll barbie, she's brilliant. Infect, I think while my inlays are away, I will make them one to discover when they ge back.

Lots of good reasons to be cheery, and I do hope your insulation works out....there's something to b said for the theory of something not happening when you prepare.

Have a toasty week!

Faith said...

Sorry, auto correct needs fact and in laws.... And missing letters ....get and be.....this iPad thinks it's clever, I think otherwise

Marigold said...

The Robin on your calendar looks like Penny's Robin! Hope you stay warm! I don't think I want a Bog Roll Barbie in my barn, though. :) Perhaps if it were filled with Peanuts ...

tillymintboutique said...

Oh my bogrool barbie is fab! The creation of them has always baffled me too! Thanks for sharing your reasons to be cheerful :o) x

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you all! I'm glad Bogroll Barbie has brought a smile to people's faces - she certainly made me laugh!

Marigold, you're my first goat visitor :-D - how lovely!