Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Ever notice how much colder it can feel once a thaw starts? Wind-chill I suppose.

I'm beginning to struggle with this Advent Blogging lark - too tired tonight I suppose. I helped the kids write their Christmas cards for school tonight - 49 cards between the two of them and Miss Mouse insisted on writing all of hers herself. I would have at least done the envelopes for her if she'd wanted. But she didn't. At the beginning of it she didn't know how to write 'from' - she's fairly confident about it now!


mother of purl said...

Oooh so pretty- we've only had 2 little frosts this winter down here so far! My new ice scraper is not getting much use x

Peeriemoot said...

I'm losing track of the weather this week! I broke my ice-scraper a couple of weeks ago - I got a new one but it hasn't got the rubber edge that's good for clearing inside the windscreen, which seems a bit daft.