Friday, 9 December 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

What I was going to say for my first Reason was that, looking on the bright side, at least Hurricane Bawbag got rid of the last of the snow. And then this happened:

This week has been All About The Weather. But it is December after all.

So reasons reasons reasons..

1) Pottering around and crafting - sewing owls, doing a bit of knitting and making stuff with paper. This has been taking my mind off the stress of shopping centres in December. There's nothing quite like a panic attack in Primark is there?

2) The positive side of shopping centres in December is meeting up with my friend L for coffee and chocolate and orange tart (*drool*) and a mooch around the shops.

3) Sleep. I love sleep. I don't get nearly enough of it. I love my bed. I love cold nights with snow falling outside, a book and a hot-water-bottle. I love falling asleep with a cat curled up next to my feet. The cats used to be barred from our room - we even put a lock on the door because they could shove it open, but now that they've stopped pouncing on feet at random times in the night and just curl up purring we've decided to let them in if they want. They seem happier.
I came home from the dreaded shopping centre today with much-needed new pyjamas and some brushed cotton trousers which are described as 'loungewear'. So pyjama bottoms for people who don't usually wear pjs. They're a sort of pastel tartan and not deeply flattering for those of us blessed with curves, but so warm and comfortable. Yay for winter!


Mrs. Micawber said...

Andamento has been making those owls too - such a cute pattern. It is much more peaceful to craft at home than to battle the madding crowds.

Chocolate and orange tart sounds wonderful.

I love your "bed" comments because I feel exactly the same, especially as the weather gets colder and the days darker. It's getting harder to climb out in the morning and such a treat to be in it at night.

Enjoy your dusting of snow - it's only a little bit after all and helps things look Christmassy!

Planet Penny said...

You certainly have been having some weather in Scotland, haven't you? I've been quite worried about you all. I love the sound of those fluffy PJ bottoms, they sound sooo comfy. All the things you said about bed, and hot water bottles etc are exactly the compensations of winter!
Penny x

Peeriemoot said...

Thank you both! Mrs M, the light sprinkling of snow was just the way I like it but it thawed again on Saturday unfortunately. We've had a white Christmas the last two years but I think it'll be back to grey and damp again this year!

Penny, you've got a lovely turn of phrase - 'the compensations of winter'. I shall remember that, it sums it up so well!