Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lucky me!

My own Secret Santa is a star! Look at that bookmark! The whole present was lovely - the little tins, chocolate, the little silver shell, but the bookmark made specifically for me was just perfect! (Click on the pic to enlarge and you'll see what I mean)

It's been a lovely Christmas - lazy and easy-going. Presents were wonderful - knitting books, yarn, Kindle cover, Moomin postcard, chocolate liqueurs, Lush bath stuff, sword.. sword? Yes, my Beloved has been suggesting 'sword' as a present for everybody we know for the last umpteen years (he's not much help when it comes to suggesting things) and at last he's put his money where his mouth is:


I actually lol'd when I opened it. Isn't it cool? My Beloved (who knows about such things) reckons it's pretty good. Very swordy. I've been reading quite a bit of Terry Pratchett recently and reckon this is pretty much Feegle-sized. Nifty! The kids love it - every time something needs opened Miss Mouse yells 'Mama! We need your sword!'

Over the last few days I've been wondering how much sellotape can be safely consumed while tearing it off with one's teeth when wrapping presents. Just an idle thought, you understand. *cough* 'scuse me, furball..

A new culinary experience for me this Christmas were Cadbury Magical Elves, from Miss Mouse's selection box. Chocolate with popping candy (i.e. Spacedust for those who remember such things) in it! Weird, very weird. Too weird for Miss Mouse which is why I was trying it.

Aside from sellotape and Magical Elves, we've only been moderately indulgent on the culinary front - we never go over the top really. We had roast chicken on Christmas Day with things we like but not going overboard with 'all the trimmings'. Thanks to my Beloved shopping at Lidl we had Wildpreiselbeeren (lingonberry sauce) for the first time and we love it! A jar of cranberry sauce was on the table too but was largely ignored. The kids had homemade pizza, because they're not that bothered about roasts.

We haven't had any mince pies because I didn't buy any and couldn't be bothered to make any. We still have last year's Morrison's Christmas Pudding in the cupboard (use by April 2012 - maybe the whim'll take us by then). I quite like Christmas pudding but only in such minute quantities that it's not really worth bothering. It's so flamin' dense!

I started writing this post this morning but constant interruptions have derailed my train of thought. I think perhaps it's time I went to bed!


scarletti said...

Oh yes! Spacedust! The best : )

Peeriemoot said...

Hehe, I can'r decide if it's wonderful in chocolate or not!

Patent Attorney said...

Oh dear, better tuck into those mince pies quick sharpish! And you're right, that bookmark is beautiful.